27 – 29 MARCH 2019 (SPAIN)

SmartCompounders B.V. is specialized in developing, building, installing and servicing automation solutions for compouding of personalized medication.
Customers are hospital pharmacies and compounding centres. 
SmartCompounders is characterized by easy installation (made to fit in your existing LAF / isolator) and easy operation. 
SmartCompounders Chemo is the only chemo robot that can be installed in an existing LAF or isolator and that more than doubles the output compared to competition at roughly half the costs (based on purchase and installation).
EasyCompounder is a double peristaltic pump for filling syringes, infusors, vials, etc. It has a micro PC on board in order to store customer specific programmes and to integrate it like a ‘printer’ in the customers’ network. This integration enables a paperless workflow in the cleanroom. 

SmartCompounders is distributing Pharmacolog’s DrugLog in The Netherlands. The ideal solution for quick and simple drug and drug dosage verification in pharmacies and wards. 

SmartCompounders also develops tailor-made solutions for its customers based on more than 20 years of experience in pharmacies and compounding centres. 
SmartCompounders is located in Enschede, The Netherlands. Next to the University of Twente. 

Our motto: pharmacists are not engineers!

 21 & 22 JUNE 2019 (GERMANY)