Your help in the pharmacy

Simplify compounding with Smartcompounders! Reduce workload, boost precision, and unlock a world of efficient medication preparation. Learn more about our solutions!


Automate your chemo preparations with the help of the SmartCompounders Chemo. Designed to fit into your existing laf or isolator.


Unlock the potential of our dual channel compounder. The EasyCompounder can help you fill syringes, elastomeric pumps, IV-bags vials and much more.


Need help with a specific need? We can create a wide range of solutions, from small, time-saving tools, to fully automated machines.

Years of experience in Pharmacy Automation

For over 15 years, SmartCompounders has been a leader in pharmacy automation. Our passion lies in developing innovative tools to support pharmacies. Our commitment extends beyond the office – we actively engage with pharmacists by spending time in cleanrooms across various pharmacies. These firsthand observations, combined with open discussions with pharmacists, enhance our understanding of the unique challenges faced by pharmacies. This understanding enables us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

 15+ years of experience

We supply pharmacies worldwide

SmartCompounders, based in the Netherlands, designs, builds, and tests all its machines in-house. Partnering with established distributors, we ensure our machines reach pharmacies across the world. This commitment to quality and innovation has made SmartCompounders a leader in automated pharmacy technology, helping pharmacists streamline their operations.

Towards the next generation

SmartCompounders was founded by ir. Sander van Vreeland.
Sander was one of the first to design a fully automated chemo robot.
In 2009, the first machine was installed at Institut Curie in Paris. Soon after, the German University Hospital in Heidelberg became a customer.
Since then, many more machines have found their way to pharmacies throughout the world. SmartCompounders is a family business, without external shareholders.

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