The SmartCompounders Chemo automates the compounding process for cytostatics and antibodies (no foaming), significantly reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous substances for pharmacy personnel. By streamlining production, the SmartCompounders Chemo can prepare 20-40 preparations per hour, all with automatic gravimetric verification and documentation for enhanced accuracy. The text recognition software eliminates drug mix-ups and a reduction of 2 eyes (one person). The system seamlessly integrates into your existing LAF or isolator without requiring any modifications.

Increased productivity

With space for 10 patient containers and 30 vials, we can achieve 20-40 preparations per hour

Reduced Contamination Risk

With decreased human handling and our SmartNeedle we minimize contamination. Tests performed by IUTA institute Germany

Increased precision

Pharmacy data shows that 96% of preparations are compounded with <2% deviation

Automatic gravimetric control

All preparations are automatically checked by weight by the SmartCompounders Chemo

Discover the SmartCompounders Chemo

Suitable for all types of patient containers

The SmartCompounders Chemo is compatible with all common patient container types, brands and sizes. Including connected IV sets.

any brand, different sizes



any brand, up to 1l


iv bag

any brand, different sizes



Suits your LAF or Isolator

The SmartCompounders Chemo can be placed inside your existing LAF or isolator. It’s designed to have a very limited impact on airflow, ensuring a safe work environment. Cleaning the LAF/isolator can still be achieved without removing the machine.

Intuitive Software

The SmartCompounders software is fast, easy to learn, and suitable for any user. Define user roles to set permission levels. We offer a wide range of interfaces to connect to your pharmacy software. Additionally, we include tracking of all lot numbers and expiry dates. Multiple compounders can be controlled by the software.


summary of the SmartCompounders Chemo specificationsΒ 


Installed in GMP certified locations


Preparations per hour


90% less than competing systems


Minimal surface pressure, possible to lift with 2 persons


Certified integrated scales


Small footprint


Multiple different interfaces ready for plug and play use

5-15 patient containers

Different machine sizes available

Up to 4

Different drugs in one run

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