The EasyCompounder streamlines compounding for a wide range of preparations. Its unique dual-channel design allows simultaneous compounding of carriers and drugs, significantly reducing production time and minimizing handling. With its power it can easily fill any brand of perfusors.


Handles both single-dose and dual-ingredient preparations.

Intuitive software

Easy-to-use software with the ability to add personalized upgrades.

High speed

300-600ml per minute.

High accuracy

3% for volumes from 2ml, 2% for volumes from 5ml, 1% for volumes above 15ml.

Discover the EasyCompounder

Boost Efficiency with Dual Channels

The EasyCompounder features an innovative dual-pump system, allowing you to simultaneously dispense carrier solution and medication. This eliminates the need for manual transfers and streamlines your workflow for a wide range of preparations. Simply utilize our mixing tube for direct filling of both ingredients into the desired patient container.


Some examples on how you can configure the EasyCompounder.Β The EasyCompounder can handle all container types, including IV bags, perfusors, syringes, and vials. These can be used as either source containers (holding the ingredients) or patient containers (receiving the final preparation).

Use one ingredient per channel

Dual Channel No-Mixing

Combine two ingredients in one patient-container

Dual Channel Mixing

Use one channel for reconstitution, and use the other channel as shaker to dissolve the powder

Single Channel with Shaker

Intuitive software

The EasyCompounder features intuitive software designed for ease of use. Two operational modes cater to different needs:

  • Compounding Mode: Enter the desired volume for automatic, precise dispensing.
  • Manual Mode: Start and stop the pump with a push of a button. (On-screen or with a pedal) This mode also offers a reverse function for added versatility.

Besides this the software features an integrated counter to keep track of each dosing. Activate the drawback function to disconnect without droplets.Β 

Customizable Software: Integrate tailored compounding programs or interfaces for a seamless workflow.

Footpedal:Β  The Easycompounder can be controlled by a footpedal, the pedal is included.


Summary of the EasyCompounder specificationsΒ 


300-600 ml per minute


Standard and custom tubesets available


Small footprint


One-Person Handling


Suitable for both including VHP


Low power consumption

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